Middle School

Each developmental stage in a child’s life has unique characteristics.  However, the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual changes that take place in children between the ages of eleven and fourteen are particularly dramatic.

Middle School (grades 6th through 8th) needs to be a bridge between elementary school and high school; it needs to have a different approach.  Children age eleven to fourteen are neither older, larger versions of elementary school children, nor are they smaller, junior versions of high school students.

There are some important shifts in our immersion program in Middle School (see ISL’s Immersion Progression). Students also switch to, what is often called, a block schedule.

Middle School students participate in physical education for approximately 112 minutes per week, as well as a full complement of enrichment classes such as:

  • Art

  • Vocal Music

  • Technology

  • Science Olympiad

  • Circus Arts

  • Kuk Sool Won

Sample Middle School Schedule