Immersion In Middle School

In middle School, approximately 25% of a student’s time is spent in the immersion language. ISL increases the amount of time students spend in English. English is the language of instruction for Social Studies and Science. This is a shift from Lower School. Mathematics remains a subject taught in the Target Language (French or Spanish). Students take both Target Language Arts and English Language Arts in equal amounts. Additionally, Middle School students begin a three year sequence of a critical language (such as Mandarin). In addition, all Middle School students begin a three year sequence of a critical language, such as Mandarin. Taken together this means that 35% of a student’s day is spent in a language other than English.

The program in the Middle School at Jefferson Parish will follow a slightly different program until the 2015-2016 school year. In the JP- Middle School Math, Science and Social Studies are all taught in English to facilitate the Language Intensive (non-immersion students that can enter in 6th grade). From an immersion perspective, Spanish Language Arts is the only Core class taught in the Target Language in Middle School. Language Intensive students receive Spanish as a second language at an accelerated or intensive pace. At this time, there is also no additional critical language study.