Volunteer Opportunities

What’s happening at ISL this year and how can I get involved?  We’re glad you asked!  There are a variety of fund-raising events and community activities that occur during the school year.  The following list is intended to help you learn about some of these events and activities as well as the specific committees and how they support the International School of Louisiana.



This committee assembles an annual yearbook for the entire ISL Jefferson Campus community and it’s simply amazing!!!  Volunteers are needed to attend school functions, take pictures and then submit their photos for publication.  They also need people to help with sales and processing orders at the end of the school year.

Email Committee Chair Karla Marcello at  yearbookjp@isl-edu.org



Help plan and support our fundraisers.  Volunteers needed to plan, process and pack orders.

Email Committee Chair Vivienne Bishop at pto_jp@isl-edu.org



Help plan and get the word out about a fun, festive evening at ______ with ISL family and friends.  Volunteering opportunities.

Email Committee Chair Wendy Wiltz at pto_jp@isl-edu.org 



ISL families can support this committee by collecting Coke Bottle Tops, Box Tops for Education, Community Coffee UPC bar codes and Campbell’s labels. These items are redeemable for cash or merchandise that supports ISL. Twice a year the class with the highest amount of combined items wins a class party so make sure you label your submissions with both your child and teacher’s name.

Email Committee Chair Robin Curley at pto_jp@isl-edu.org



Committee members spread mulch, trim bushes, and weed flowerbeds.  They also pick-up trash, plant and care for classroom nature projects as they are developed.  It’s ongoing, but designated “landscaping days” are sometimes scheduled to accommodate special projects. 

Committee Chair: OPEN



Assist the librarian! Help Ms. Emily in the library shelving books, processing books, and helping students with book selections.

Committee Chair: OPEN



Started this year by an ISL parent, this committee collects gently used uniforms, cleans them and makes them available at ISL events for parents to shop at very low prices and/or swap. Volunteers are needed to donate used uniforms as well as to put out uniforms at ISL functions. This is truly a “green” program, and an excellent opportunity to meet parents.

Email Uniform Swap/ Lost and Found Committee Chair Holly Baker at pto_jp@isl-edu.org



Being a room parent is an excellent opportunity to work with your child’s teacher as well as meet the other parents in the class.  The room parent assists the teacher as needed and supports field trips, projects, etc. both initially, at the start of the school year, and then periodically, throughout the year. The room parent spearheads teacher appreciation efforts and  acts as the volunteer coordinator for the teacher.  This is a great volunteering opportunity for a full-time working parent as much of it could be done by email and telephone.  

Contact Room Parent Committee Chair Wendy Welch at pto_jp@isl-edu.org  



If you like to cook or you own a restaurant, this is the committee for you! Volunteers plan menus, prepare food and set up tables overflowing with delicious food & drinks for our ISL teachers and support staff.  Committee Co-Chairs and volunteers are needed.

Committee Chair: OPEN 



Become a campus tour guide with our Family Liaison Marth C. Pena and share your experience with prospective parents during our campus tours.

Email Family Liaison Martha C. Pena at mpena@isl-edu.org



We could use your help during morning carpool.  Become an official member of the  “krewe” of parents that greet students happily as soon as they arrive in school.

Contact Carpool Krewe Committee Chair Laura Pelanne at pto_jp@isl-edu.org