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On this page, you will be able to find information, announcements, and activities for our entire ISL family at all  3 campuses:

Dixon K-2  |   Uptown 3-8   |  Westbank  K-5


Dear ISL Parents,
ISL Campus Facebook Groups have been activated. You can join your campus Facebook group by clicking on the link below and requesting to join. This is a great way to connect with your campus community. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Family Liaison.

Dixon Campus Parents click here.
Dixon Campus Family Liaison: Isl Catalian Colbert

Uptown Campus Parents click here.
Uptown Campys Family Liaison: Isl Martha Cecilia Pena

Westbank Campus Parents click here.
Westbank Campus Family Liaison: Kristen Jensen Isl

ISL is happy to announce that the International School of Louisiana has partnered up with    KID smART this school year.

Kid Guard has provided some tips and information regarding Child Safety. We wanted to share this information with our ISL families. Please know, by clicking the link below, you are logging on to an external web site, not managed or maintained by the International School of Louisiana.

Online Safety 

Learn about facts on cyber bullying, internet safety, online predators, and how to monitor phones for prevention. 

Monitor Kid’s Phone 

A compiled definitive guide on text message spying – the ultimate how-to for everything from parental knowledge to technical support.

Parental Control 

Understand and fight against the issues like cyber bullying, online predators, teen depression, and other risks children face online.


With child abduction making headline news around the world on an almost daily basis, here is important information to review. 

ISL Spirit Store

Visit the ISL Spirit Store on Facebook and access quick links and info

For additional information or questions, call (504) 229-4375 or email development@isl-edu.org




We have started a feature on Facebook that highlights past ISL students as they share some thoughts about what their ISL experience means to them and tell us about where they are now and what plans they have. Check it out on Facebook/InternationalSchoolofLouisiana


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