Information and Resources

On this page, we will be sharing information and resources for our school community. Scroll down for School-Wide Resources and Campus-Specific information as well. Posts will be added  as we gather information from our partners, staff, and community to share.

School-Wide Announcements

Non-Academic Resources

  • During this challenging time, we wanted to provide you with critical resources (academic and non-academic) that families and students normally receive from school.

Academic Resources

Special Needs Focused

  • ADHD: Parents would benefit from this free webinar Coronavirus Crash Course for Parents: Keeping Kids with ADHD in ‘Study Mode’ While Home from School to learn how to manage their child’s academics during the coronavirus outbreak on Thursday, March 19, at 2 pm ET. If unavailable at this time, Sign up and you will receive the free webinar replay link after 3/19 as well.

  • AUTISM: We found numerous resources to support children with Autism during this confusing time. This social story is aimed at helping to alleviate fears and anxiety many children may be experiencing at this time. This social story discusses symptoms and how we all can do our part to slow the spread. (SELF)

  • MODERATE TO SEVERE LEARNING NEEDS: Special Needs for Special Kids has opened its website to be a remote learning experience to support the learning of students with more moderate to severe learning needs. It will be a source of quality lessons and activities for parents or teachers to utilize. Additionally, the Sherlock Center Resource Library. offers Adapted Literature, a valuable resource for teachers to help students with severe disabilities participate in the general curriculum. (SELF)

  • RELATED SERVICE while not in school. (SELF)

Social and Emotional Learning

  • School’s Out: A Parents’ Guide for Meeting the Challenge During the COVID-19 Pandemic click here
  • Wellness Activities for Kids (and parents, too)
      1. Daily Schedule
      2. Gratitude Jar
      3. Play “I Spy” from a porch or window
      4. Fitness Bingo
      5. Take a daily walk or bike ride with family
      6. Create a dance routine 
      7. Read and discuss together 
      8. Go on a scavenger hunt – make a list of 10 things to find…”find something soft”, “find something round”, “find something with spots, etc.”
      9. Make a list of all of your loved ones and try to call at least one each day
      10. Weed the yard or pick up trash

Internet device required (all free):

  1. Headspace app
  2. Art projects
  3. Virtual field trips
  4. Virtual National Park visits
  5. Daily drawing webcast
  6. Down Dog app
  7. Listen to stories
  8. Subscribe to Yoga4Classrooms daily mindfulness practice
  9. Stream movies in French & Spanish

Partner Resources:

Art Apart- Online Lessons and Resources from KID smART
Making Tropical Birds with Erin Doherty from Arthur Ashe Charter School
Mind Body Warm Up with Andrea Panzeca from Esperanza Charter School
Bubble Art with Renee Anderson from ISL Dixon

Dixon Campus

Uptown Campus

Westbank Campus