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Uptown Campus Procedures

Where to go and Who to call?

Health concerns:

For questions, requests and concerns, parents/guardians may contact the school nurse at nurse-uptown@isl-edu.org.

Classroom concerns:

When parents/guardians have a question, want more information, or need clarification of a situation concerning classroom matters, academic or social concerns, their child’s classroom/homeroom teacher should be the first point of contact. To see or speak with a particular teacher, email your child’s teacher directly to make an appointment so the teacher can bring any necessary materials and arrange for a time to adequately discuss the matter. A parent/guardian may request language assistance through the Family Liaison at the meeting to facilitate communication.

Speaking with a Campus Administrator:

It is our goal that your questions and concerns are answered promptly and accurately. To assist you in this process, please see the list below. This list includes campus staff members’ area of focus so you may better identify the appropriate contact person for your inquiry.

If you believe your concern requires my immediate attention, please call Amanda Hudson, Administrative Assistant, (504)-229-4374 or email ahudson@isl-edu.org. You may also call the main number for Campus (504) 654-1088 and they may connect you to the Principal’s office and Amanda Hudson.

  • To Schedule a Meeting, submit a special request/proposal, reach your Campus Principal
  • Special Education Questions or Concerns (504 plans, IEP, Concerns about student academics)

  • Interim Benchmark Testing (ANet, i-Ready)
  • ISL- Uptown Campus Social Worker
  • To include information in our campus newsletter, Late Arrival/Dismissal/Absences, Clubs/Community Events, Parent Involvement, Photos on Campus
  • State Testing (LEAP) or DELE and DELF testing

Please keep in mind that our teachers and Principals are typically unavailable during school hours, without a scheduled appointment.

Drop off and Dismissal

Morning Drop Off:

Click here for Morning Carpool Directions and Map.

ISL’s Uptown campus opens its gates at 8:15 am. Parents may make use of a carpool line at either the Magazine St. (one way heading uptown) or Camp St (one way heading downtown).  

Staff and parent volunteers are available each morning to open car doors and welcome your student to school.

Please be mindful that Camp and Magazine streets are open to regular traffic. Drivers in the drop off line must pull up curbside and never stop and let children out from the left-hand lane.

Many families prefer to park in the neighborhood and walk their children to the gate. This is welcome during drop off, as well. Terpsichore St. is used for school bus drop off.  Please do not park or block the street.

There are bike racks available if students are biking to school. Bikes should be secured with an appropriate lock to the bike rack not to street signs, or to the railing around the landscaping.

Gates close promptly at 8:30 am.  Students arriving late to school  (after 8:30 am) must enter through the main doors on Camp St.

Afternoon Dismissal:

Click here for Dismissal Instructions Map.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays dismissal is at 4:00 pm*

Wednesday dismissal is at 3:00 pm*

* Students will NOT be released early from school within 30 minutes of dismissal time during which the front office will close. Students that are on campus 15 minutes after dismissal times will be placed in Prime Time for the afternoon and charged.

Dismissal for Lower School Students (3rd-5th): 

Students in the lower school grades 3rd-5th may dismiss from school in one of the following ways:

  • Black Top Dismissal:  Students may be picked up by a parent or an authorized adult by 15 minutes after the dismissal time. Click here to download the form if you need to update the list of adults authorized to pick up your student and submit it to the front desk.
  • Bus/Van Transportation:  
    • School Bus: Students who reside in Orleans Parish  3 miles outside radius of the campus may sign up for this option.
    • Private Van: Students may wait for private van service pick up.  Please inform the front office by filling out the “walk off permission form.”
    • Bus: Students who reside in Jefferson Parish and pay for transportation may ride the Private JP school bus. Contact Ms. Wendy Wiltz.
  • Walk off-campus: Students authorized to walk off-campus through a completed “Walk off permission form” on file with ISL, may simply walk off campus after arriving at the blacktop with their teacher and signing out.

Please note: Once a student has signed out, the student must proceed off-campus, either to retrieve their bike, walk home, catch the public bus, or wait for a parent at a predesignated location of your choosing. We understand that many parents pick their children up from the park across the street.  

Click here for the Permission to Walk Off-Campus at Dismissal

Dismissal for Middle School Students (6th-8th):

All 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students will be automatically considered “Walk-Off” students unless parents notify the school otherwise.   This new procedure is a change from years prior.

There are three options Middle School parents can Opt-In to after school dismissal:

  • After Care: Students may be signed up for After School Care through one of the following two services:

Prime-Time / Community Works provides a list to the school of the students registered for these programs.

  • Black Top Dismissal: Student may be dismissed from the black top to a parent/guardian.

Parent or Guardian MUST notify the school that this is how the student should be dismissed by filling our theMiddle School Student “Opt In” School Based Dismissal Form

  • Private Bus/Van Transportation:

Student who resides in Jefferson Parish and pays for transportation may ride the Private JP school bus. Private bus service coordinator notifies the school of the students who are participating in this service.

Students may wait for private van service pick up. Parent or Guardian MUST notify the school that this is how the student should be dismissed by filling out the Middle School Student “Opt In” School Based Dismissal Form


If one of the above three options is not selected by the student’s family in writing (using the appropriate form), the student will be dismissed at the end of the day as a “walk-off” student and make their way home as per family’s arrangement. This includes students who receive RTA bus passes from the ISL.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: It is important to note that these procedures will be followed irrespective of weather.  If you would like your child to remain at school and inside during inclement weather until you pick your child up, you must ensure your child is registered for Prime Time and indicate that you want that option by completing the Prime Time After School Registration Form. Please also indicate your desire for this option by filling out theMiddle School Student “Opt In” School Based Dismissal Form.”

Celebrating your child’s birthday at school

Your child’s birthday is a very exciting day. We understand that everyone celebrates differently. For this reason, please adhere to the following.

Submit an email request to the teacher and cc Mr. Richard and Mrs. Martha in the front office at least 72 hours prior to the requested day

Please bring all supplies needed. Ex: plates, napkins, utensils, etc.

We can not provide supplies.

If you do not wish for your child to attend birthday celebrations, please inform the teacher and other arrangements will be made.

Joining your student for lunch on campus

The ISL Food Services Department strives to promote a healthy lifestyle for our students with an

emphasis on healthy eating.

Items NOT ALLOWED in the cafeteria:

Carbonated beverages

Competitive food items from outside restaurants

Outside Items ALLOWED in the cafeteria:

Milk, water, and 100% juice products during student meal times for all grade levels

Allowed, but limited:

Parents are encouraged to limit the frequency of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, candy and other high sugar, high fat foods and to increase the number of whole grains and fresh fruits provided in lunch bags and snacks from home. This includes guests who are eating in the cafeteria with students.

Taking picture or video on campus

To protect our student’s identity, honor parents photo consent requests, and ensure our students’ and campus safety, PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO ARE NOT ALLOWED ON CAMPUS.  If you would like to take video or photos in the building, you may request a photo pass from your family liaison by completing a Photo Pass Permission Request Form.


A limited number of passes will be granted to individuals photographing in representation of the class/campus/organization/club and for inclusion in an official ISL communications portal (email, newsletter, website, official Facebook page). Please note- passes will not be granted for personal use.


Where can I get the Photo Pass Permission Request Form?

Your campus Front Office

How long does it take to get approval?

Approval is not granted immediately or automatically. Please allow 2 business days from the day your completed form is submitted.

For example- If you drop off the completed form to your Family Liaison on a Monday, you can expect to receive the response to your request by Thursday morning. If you submit your request on a Friday, you can expect to receive a response by Wednesday morning. 

Please note: If your Photo Pass Request Form is not completed properly and must be resent to you, you will need to allow 2 additional days from the day the completed form was received. 

Your photo pass must be approved by your campus family liaison and Principal. On occasion, it also requires approval from the Development Office and your campus staff will forward this information to Development and notify you.

MEDIA: If you are a media representative or professional photographer requesting a pass for media coverage or commercial use, this pass must be processed directly with the Development Office by emailing development@isl-edu.org or calling 504-229-4375.

How will I know if my request has been approved?

You will receive an email confirmation and instructions about picking up your photo pass. You will need to wear the photo pass while photographing on campus. You will need to return the photo pass to your campus front office staff before leaving campus.