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Resources & Forms

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Classroom Supply Lists and Forms

We understand that many more people in our community may need assistance with purchasing school supplies. We want to provide families with some options.

Option 1 You can use the lists below to purchase supplies independently. 

Option 2  Click here if you need assistance with your supply purchase. Supplies will be purchased by ISL and individually packaged for your student. 

Elementary School:

  • 3rd Grade Supply List 20-21
  • 4th Grade Supply List 20-21
  • 5th Grade Supply List 20-21

Middle School:

  • 6th Grade Supply List 20-21
  • 7th Grade Supply List 20-21
  • 8th Grade Supply List 20-21

If you would like to contribute towards the purchase of school supplies for an ISL family who needs assistance, please click here.You will find a field that reads “In Honor” here you will type “School Supplies”.



Before and After Care Programs 2020-21

As per Head of School communication to families and staff on 7/16/20Childcare (Early Bird/Prime Time) will not be offered from August through October 9, 2020.  Re-evaluation will happen in the fall prior to October Break.  We will evaluate how our systems are working and if mixing student cohorts/class sections is an acceptable practice under that Phase of operation.

We would also like to remind parents that we do not allow any checkouts between the hours of 2:00-2:30pm (Dixon & Westbank) 3:00-3:30pm (Uptown) on Wednesdays and between the hours of 3:00-3:30 (Dixon & Westbank) and 3:30-4:00pm (Uptown) on Mon. Tue. Thur. and on Fridays. Thank you!


School Consent Forms




Handbook and Policies

The Student Code of Conduct & Family-Student Handbook are in place to help students gain the greatest possible benefit from their educational opportunities at the International School of Louisiana. The school uniform policy can be found in the Family-Student Handbook.  Our Seclusion and Restraint Policies Manual explains when and how ISL employees might use seclusion or restraint, as well as our documentation and training process. ISL’s Family Engagement Policy and Plan outline opportunities for families to learn with the school community and includes our School-Family Compact. Suspension and expulsion hearings are handled by the NOLA Public Schools Student Hearing Office; full details of their polices and procedures are available in the Student Hearing Office Manual.

ISL Pupil Progression Plan

HomeworkLouisiana offers FREE online tutoring and academic resources from Tutor.com for Louisiana residents from kindergarten students through adult learners. Get help in math, science, social studies or English from a live tutor. The services can be accessed from a Louisiana public library, from your home computer or from your mobile device.  Visit HomeworkLA.org for more information.ISL does not discriminate on the basis of sex in any educational programs or activities.

Title IX Policy. ISL does not discriminate on the basis of sex in any educational programs or activities. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and requires Federally-funded schools to investigate claims of discrimination or harassment based on sex. Any student, employee, or family member who believes an ISL student has been the victim of discrimination, harassment, abuse, or assault on the basis of the student’s sex, gender identity, or gender expression can file a complaint with their campus Title IX Coordinator. Retaliation against those who file complaints is prohibited. This policy and the procedures below apply to complaints against employees, students, or third parties.


INTERIM COVID-19 Policy. The interim policies within this document were approved by the International School of Louisiana Board of Trustees on 7/30/2020. Click here to view the policy


Please use The Bullying Report form to report an incident of bullying.  The completed form must be printed, signed, and submitted to the school, either in person (front desk) or as a pdf sent to the school principal. Bullying is defined as a pattern of one or more of the following:

  • Gestures, including but not limited to obscene gestures and making faces.
  • Written, electronic, or verbal communications, including but not limited to calling names, threatening harm, taunting, malicious teasing, or spreading untrue rumors.
  • Electronic communication including but not limited to communication or images transmitted by email, instant message, text message, blog, or social networking website through the use of a telephone, mobile phone, pager, computer, or other electronic devices.
  • Physical acts, including but not limited to hitting, kicking, pushing, tripping, choking, damaging personal property, or unauthorized use of personal property.
  • Repeatedly and purposefully shunning or excluding from activities; where the pattern of behavior is exhibited toward a student, more than once, by another student or group of students and occurs, or is received by, a student while on school property, at a school-sponsored or school-related function or activity, in any school bus or van, at any designated school bus stop, in any other school or private vehicle used to transport students to and from schools, or any school-sponsored activity or event.
  • The pattern of behavior must have the effect of physically harming a student, placing the student in reasonable fear of physical harm, damaging a student’s property, placing the student in reasonable fear of damage to the student’s property, or must be sufficiently severe, persistent, and pervasive enough to either create an intimidating or threatening educational environment, have the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s performance in school, or have the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.