School Closed January 18, 2018


In coordination with local and state agencies it has been advised that road conditions tomorrow morning may remain hazardous and continued road closures of major thoroughfares are expected. In order to ensure the safety of our students all International School of Louisiana campuses and buildings will be closed tomorrowThursday January 18th.


The International School of Louisiana (ISL) was founded in 2000 as a single public charter school open to any child in the State of Louisiana. Still the only school of its kind in the state, ISL embraces the culture of New Orleans through a language immersion program that values the ethnic diversity of this historically significant region. Like the region itself, ISL blends traditions of both the French and the Spanish to create an incomparable educational experience.

Language immersion, however, is only one aspect of education at ISL. Multilingualism is merely the first step to acquiring an education that is global. ISL is committed to breaking down barriers in public education by teaching children to embrace diversity in their community. ISL is dedicated to providing all of its students with a unique and high-quality education and to helping young people develop not only as students, but also as community leaders and global citizens.

At ISL, we believe that people are not defined by the circumstances of their birth, but rather by the choices they make to cross borders: geographic, cultural, linguistic, racial, ethnic, religious, economic, and cognitive. In doing so,children and adults have the opportunity to create an alternative way of living in the world.

At ISL we believe that speaking multiple languages allows one to exist in multiple worlds, privileging multiple perspectives over a singular reality, developing the flexible and responsive cognition that allows one to make sense of the world in meaningful ways, synthesizing information and giving rise to new ways of thinking.

ISL continues to make academic gains year after year.

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For more about ISL’s academic data and statistics visit: http://www.charterdiscovery.com/schools/detail/32/International-School-of-Louisiana

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