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For Kindergarten and First Grade: No experience with French or Spanish is required.

For Grades 2 – 8Students must already read, write, speak, and understand French or Spanish.

Round 2 Application Deadline: May 13, 2022

ONLINE APPLICATION: As a reminder, applications are online-only. Families will only be able to submit an application at www.EnrollNOLAps.comAdmission into Kindergarten through 8th Grade is based on the NOLA Public Schools’ Common Application Process (NCAP, formerly OneApp) lottery system and seat availability. Applications are currently being accepted for the second round lottery! Visit to apply before May 13.

If you have any additional questions, call us at (504) 229-4391 or email

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Lottery Match Results

If you submit an application to ISL, your placement results will be available in the spring through  the New Orleans Public Schools Enrollment Portal. Additionally, families who submitted an application with an email address listed will receive their results at the email address they provided. Finally, all families will receive a notification letter at the address they provided on their application. 

NOLA-PS will deliver results as expeditiously as possible after the match is declared final. If you do not receive your placement results or need help, please visit a Family Resource Center, or contact NOLA-PS at or families can leave a message at 1-877-343-4773.

New Student Registration: If your student is placed at ISL, you will receive an email from us with information about our mandatory online registration process. Students must complete the registration process before the deadline. Families who have not registered by that time will lose their seats at ISL.

ISL Admissions 2022-23 Brochure